Create Online Meetings with House Structures

How can you create a complete online workshop using backgrund graphics as guide structure?

1. Create a first draft structure of your workshop, for instance:

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of group discussions
  • Breakout rooms for three groups
  • Next steps

That means you need six topic containers in total (3 explanations, 3 breakout rooms).

2. Select an appropriate background structure with 6 placeholders for the main content, for instance one of our house backgrounds.

3. Decide which content you would like to add to each container. In our example here we start in the left lower corner, then use the lower middle room as explanation for the 3 breakout rooms on the top, then summarize in the lower right corner.

4. Add infographics or further boxes to guide your workshop participants furthermore.

5. Mix the infographics, rooms or houses as you like to create for instance bigger workshops, e.g. a three part workshop as shown here:


This very versatile house workshop template allows you an abundance of combinations: create stunning workshops and easily impress your workshop participants!

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