Workshop Structure The Treasure Hunt

Online meetings can be quite boring:

"Peter, can you show us the details of the isssue ABC?"

"Sure, let me share my screen with my presentation"

30 minutes and 60 slides later : "Any questions?"

How can you improve such a virtual workshop?

1. Split the presentation into several smaller ones, for instance 5-6 slides. Explain each topic and then start interacting with your workshop participants.

2. Do that by spliting your participants into several smaller groups and ask them to discuss this issue in a breakout room for 5-10 minutes.

3. Back in the main virtual conference room discuss with all participants the results of each group. Let your participants do the presentation and act as moderator to ensure the timing needs are met.

4. Then continue to the next topic and finally sum up all action points.

Our Treasure Hunt collection can be used for breakout rooms to identify and find solutions or suggestions. With 24 diffrerent treasure rooms and chambers you can create engaging and compelling virtual workshop interactions.



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