Improve boring video calls with interactive comments


Quite a number of video calls are boring, because one person is talking and sharing the screen with a prepared presentation. The rest of the workshop participants sit back, listen and not engage at all. After the presentation there is a quick question to everyone: "Any comments?", which then mostly is ignored and thus the video call ends with few to no results.



Engage your online meeting participants with interactive comments.

1. Prepare your presentation as before, e.g. with three boxes:

2. Then start your video call, for instance with Zoom and share your screen with the presentation.

3. Then ask the participants to open the comment / annotation function inside Zoom. You can find that in the options panel.

4. Then ask your participants to add comment, text, likes, stars or anything else on top of your presentation.
5. Guide your participants with your prepared workshop structure and engage them step by step. Let them participate in your presentation, and interact with them rather then only presenting. Dont forget to save a screenshot and delete the comments before you move on to the next topic / slide.

Prepared background graphics are a huge help to make such presentation fun to interact and engage. Here is an example with our vectorized PDF background "Workshops with 3 Parts". It is well designed and ready-to-use. Just drag this background into your presentation, or simple share the screen when showing this PDF in Zoom.

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