Virtual Brainstorming with 5 Parts

Virtual Brainstorming with 5 Parts

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How to stop boring online brainstorming workshops and start generating ideas?

All you need is one main hand drawn graphic as background

plus virtual flipcharts as brainstorming areas. Then your participants are motivated to develop better ideas and actively contribute to your virtual workshop. Our workshop templates are inspiring and professional at the same time. You can use each vectorized graphics also individually, can mix and re-use the single virtual flipcharts in other workshops.

Easy to use:

Just drag them into your digital white board (Mural, Zoom, MS Teams etc) or use our ready-to-use Miro template and get started with your virtual workshop. The main canvas provides the structure for your workshop and the single flip charts are used for interactive brainstorming. Brainstorm with common methods in a new design and surprise your workshop participants. Inspire them to think out of the box and create new and better ideas. And of course in the paid version without copyright signs but with brilliant and sharp vector graphics.

Guide virtual brainstorming workshops to a successful idea

using our hand drawn virtual flipchart designs. Inspiration of your workshop participants requires inspiring workshop designs - and that's why we have designed these beautiful digital workshop templates for you.

Virtual Brainstorming with 5 Parts

What's included?

19 vectorized virtual flipcharts with:

The main canvas

  • without the flipcharts so that you can select which single flipchart shall be fitted into which position
  • with the flipcharts of the three sets in the correct position and with correct size as example of a ready-to-use workshop template

Three sets of each five single virtual flipcharts with the following topics:

  • Definition of issue
  • Ideation
  • Analysis
  • Selection
  • The next steps

Improve your brainstorming workshops now with our Virtual Brainstorming Templates!