Virtual Ideation with 5 Parts

Virtual Ideation with 5 Parts

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How to conduct compelling and effective virtual ideation workshops?


Virtual Ideation Workshop

1. Define

for which topic do you need to create new ideas, for instance with

  • MoSCoW

2. Incubate

new ideas, e.g. with

  • Imaginative brainstorming
  • Thesis / Antithesis
  • Focussed brainstation

3. Illuminate

possible ideas and identify the best candidates

  • Starbusting
  • Influence & Dependencies
  • Idea thermometer
15 Flipcharts for Ideation

4. Evaluate

your solution ideas with

  • Bulls eye voting
  • Critisize and challenge
  • Scoring

5. Implement

your solution ideas using a planned approach.

  • To be done, considered & involved
  • Criteria for continue, change & stop
  • Idea pitch

 Hand-drawn ideation workshop template

What's included?

19 vectorized virtual flipcharts with:

The main canvas

  • without the flipcharts so that you can select which single flipchart shall be fitted into which position
  • with the flipcharts of our three set in the correct position and with correct size as example of a ready-to-use workshop template

Three sets of each five single virtual flipcharts with the following topics:

  • Define the issue
  • Incubate ideas
  • Illuminate solutions
  • Evaluate ideas
  • Implement the best idea

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