Virtual Problem Solving with 5 Parts

Virtual Problem Solving with 5 Parts

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How to conduct creative and focussed virtual problem solving workshops?

1. Define

your main issue first, for instance with

  • The 5 W
  • Influences
  • Related information

2. Analyze

the issue, e.g. with

  • Causes and root causes
  • The 5 Why's
  • Ishikawa fishbone

3. Brainstorm

possible solutions including all necessay elements for a successful problem solution.

  • The ideal situation
  • Root cause elimination
  • Solution target

4. Question

your solution ideas with

  • Effect on root causes
  • Scored benefit

5. Implement

your solution ideas using a planned approach.

  • To do by who until
  • Steps 1-5
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Score


What's included?

19 vectorized virtual flipcharts with:

The main canvas

  • without the flipcharts so that you can select which single flipchart shall be fitted into which position
  • with the flipcharts of our three set in the correct position and with correct size as example of a ready-to-use workshop template

Three sets of each five single virtual flipcharts with the following topics:

  • Define the main issue
  • Analyze the problem
  • Brainstorm solution ideas
  • Question your ideas
  • Implement the solution

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