Virtual Retrospective with 5 Parts

Virtual Retrospective with 5 Parts

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How to stop boring retrospectives:

A new approach for remote teams

Most retrospectives are just like any other meeting, ineffective, time-consuming and boring. If you regularly organise and lead retrospectives, this is something you need to read.
What if there was a simple way to quickly improve your retrospectives and make them more engaging?
Ready to use hand drawn retrospective templates.

And a clear 5 Phase Structure:

1. Set the stage

to welcome the participates. Choose from 3 different virtual flipcharts, that we have created for the retrospective introduction: 

  • One word introduction
  • Thermometer
  • Expectations

2. Gather data

to identify topics and details for your lessons learned and retro meetings. We have included:

  • The good, the bad, the ugly
  • Licked, lacked, learned
  • The three little pigs

3. Generate insights

and visualize problems and define possible solutions. Our three templates for this part are:

  • Problems and actions
  • Error conversation
  • Success criteria

4. Decide what to do

and guide your participants towards an efficient workshop with the following virtual templates:

  • Continue, stop, improve
  • Influence circle
  • Effort and value

5. Finish the retro

to improve the next iteration and Choose which of these three virtual flipcharts you want to use to ensure the success of your retros:

  • FLAT
  • Pleased, surprised, more
  • Score

What's included?

19 vectorized virtual flipcharts with:

The main canvas

  • without the flipcharts so that you can select which single flipchart shall be fitted into which position
  • with the flipcharts of our three sets in the correct position and with correct size as example of a ready-to-use workshop template

Three sets of each five single virtual flipcharts with the following topics:

  • Set the stage
  • Gather data
  • Generate insights
  • Decide what to do
  • Close the retrospective

Improve your retrospectives now with the Virtual Retrospective Toolbox.