DeYuCo Academy Expert on Demand

DeYuCo Academy Expert on Demand:


If you have challenging issues that you need to solve in your business, and you would like to discuss these issues with experienced business experts, then our Expert-on-Demand service can help you. Get support and solution ideas for any kind of business problem from our Expert-on-Demand either online or onsite.

DeYuCo Academy Expert on Demand Process Optimization

Process Optimization

80% of all business operations usually can be standardized. Our experts can support you to analyse and otpimize complex process landscapes, dependencies, bottle necks and other issues in any kind of business field.

Possible Process Issues

  1. Process time too long
  2. Process costs too high
  3. Too much waste
  4. Decision process unclear
  5. Just in Time not working
  6. Just in Sequence not working
  7. Processes are defined but not realized
  8. Process analysis without clear result
DeYuCo Academy Expert on Demand Project Optimization

Project Optimization

Projects are used to develop new business. However, the vast majority of projects are either too expensive, take too long time or do not deliver the correct customer value. Our experts can help you to improve costs, time and quality of traditional, agile or hybrid projects.

Possible Project Issues

  1. Project cockpit either missing or wrong
  2. Project control ?
  3. Agile KPI’s ?
  4. Roles and rights definitions
  5. Business value and suitable backlog prioritization
  6. Workflow in projects either undefined or wrong
  7. Project reporting, especially agile
  8. How to counter if EVA shows negative trend?
DeYuCo Academy:Expert on Demand PProduct Optimization

Product Optimization

Products are the backbone of our daily business, they need to be optimized all the time. Our experts can support you to identify optimization potential of any kind of product.

Possible Product Issues

  1. Product cost reduction
  2. Product time to market optimization
  3. Product sales price optimization
  4. New product screening
  5. Integrated and sustainable innovation management
  6. Design thinking for new markets
  7. Design to production
  8. Design to fail
DeYuCo Academy Expert on Demand Purchasing Optimzation

Purchasing Optimization

Typical focus of professional procurement is to secure supply just-in-time and just-in-sequence at the best costs and without quality issues. Our expert-on-demand can help you to achieve these goals.

Possible Purchasing Issues

  1. Raw material costs too high
  2. Global redundancy in supply
  3. Quality issues of suppliers
  4. Effective Supplier Management
  5. Procurement contracts
  6. Benchmarking of prices
  7. Payment conditions
  8. Logistic issues
  9. Custom and duty issues
  10. Purchasing strategy
DeYuCo Academy:Expert on Demand HR Optimization

Human Resource Optimization

Human Resouce HR has to ensure that the organization has the correct staff with suitable skill set is available at any needed time. Our expert-on-demand service can help you to find, recruit, train and retain such employees.

Possible HR Issues

  1. Finding the best employees
  2. Best practice recruitment
  3. Working onboarding process
  4. HR manual / handbook
  5. Training schedule / planning system
  6. How to retain good staff
  7. How to fire bad staff
  8. New Work policies
  9. Home office rules and regulations
  10. HR strategy
DeYuCo Academy Expert on Demand Business Stragtegy

Business Strategy

The Corona virus, trade conflicts, Brexit are just some of the challenges companies have to deal with. The main business issue (having the best products at the correct time in evolving markets and environments) needs equally attention. Our experts can help you to develop and implement successful business strategies.

Possible Business Strategy Issues

  1. Market and competitor analysis
  2. Profit orientation
  3. Shareholder value strategy
  4. Usefull KPI’s to control business
  5. Customer value orientation
  6. Hierachy issues vs. process orientation
  7. Agile business strategies
  8. New Work as chance rather challenge
  9. Sustainability of business
  10. Environmental impact