DeYuCo Academy two hour interactive live Business Webinars with possibility to discuss with expert trainer live

DeYuCo Academy Live Business Webinars:


Our live business webinars are usually planned for two hours with ample time afterwards to chat with the expert trainer live further questions. The webinar itself is already quite interactive, you have opportunity to ask any question inbetween. We will show you the most condensed and essential information you need to know about the respective topics. Our business experts have been working as managers in industrial companies worldwide and thus share their real-life experiences.

DeYuCo Academy Business Webinar Elegant Lies: DIscuss 2 hours live with our expert trainer

Elegant Lies

Convincing others that you are the expert is sometimes the best approach to promote yourself. Lying on expertise is however not advisable, so what to do if you do not have all the knowledge and expertise at that time? In our business webinar “Elegant Lies” we teach you several methods to act convincingly, in any situation.


  1. Elegant Lies
  2. Half true, half lied
  3. Half true, half not said
  4. Some true, some hidden in interpretation
  5. Some true, some generalized
  6. Few true, most diverted
  7. Few true, most countered
  8. Not your truth
DeYuCo Academy Live Business Webinar Counter Argumentation, discuss 2 hours live with our expert trainer

Counter Argumentation

Business can be quite cruel, everyday is like verbal fighting. Some people can drive you crazy by their good rhethorical skills, they win every discussion. Some arguments are good, some are tricky. In this webinar we teach you how to counter such bad, tricky or even aggressive arguments.


  1. Killer Arguments
  2. Killer Counter
  3. Obviously Manipulation
  4. Promise Manipulation
  5. Moral Blackmailing
  6. Preemtive Defamation
  7. Villain Manipulation
  8. Exclusion Manipulation
DeYuCo Academy Live Business Webinar China Strategy, discuss 2 hours live with our China experts

China Strategy

Made in China 2025 and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are just two of Chinese major business strategies, that the world has to understand and to counter. In our webinar we show the main Chinese strategies, their ideas behind and possible counter strategies.


  1. Made in China 2025
  2. BRI Belt and Road Initiative
  3. The 5 year plan
  4. Concrete and the carbon dioxide footprint
  5. Rare earth raw materials and the electronics industry
  6. Transportation industry the next level
  7. Internet of things and Chinese AI
  8. IP and Know-how protection