Payment Options We offer the following payment options. Kindly check the one most suitable for you. The prices we offer on our website are net prices and respective taxes need to be added. The respective tax will be calculated during checkout and depends on the location of the customer (calculation of tax will be on the basis of your billing address).
  • Paypal: Paypal will direct your payment to our company account at Paypal. You can choose Paypal or Paypal Express. You can checkout also without having an account with Paypal.
  • Stripe: kindly select credit card or other options offered by StripeĀ“, such as Giropay or Alipay
If you prefer other payment methods kindly contact us, we will arrange accordingly. All our prices are offered as Euro (EUR) prices. During checkout of course you can select your preferred currency depending on the options the respective payment providers offer to you.