Virtual Team Building with 5 Parts

Virtual Team Building with 5 Parts

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How to improve team work online:

A creative approach for remote teams

Most online meetings are rather boring and ineffective, because the workshop design is rather uninteresting.
What if there was a simple way to quickly improve your team building workshops and make them more engaging?
Ready to use hand drawn team building templates for online workshops:

Hand-drawn team building templates
Either choose one part or the entire 5 phase workshop with

1. Ice-Breaker

to welcome the participates. Choose from 3 different virtual flipcharts, that we have created for the workshop introduction: 

  • Personal gallery
  • Team identity
  • Five word snapshot

2. Communication

to identify topics and details how to improve your team communication. We have included:

  • Communication matrix
  • Team communication improvement
  • Ten for ten communication

3. Collaboration

Our three templates for this part are:

  • Roles & responsibilities - strategical, tactical & operational
  • Rights matrix in agile teams
  • 5 Phases of team building
Hand-drawn flipcharts for team building

4. Motivation

to identify what motivates and de-motivates your team with the following virtual templates:

  • Satisfaction & dis-satisfaction (Herzberg factors)
  • Motivating & de-motivating (Hackman factors)
  • The team bus journey

5. Fun

to improve the team spirit and make your online workshops to be remembered

  • The sailing trip
  • Island escape
  • Virtual coffee

Hand-drawn virtual team building templates

What's included?

19 vectorized virtual flipcharts with:

The main canvas

  • without the flipcharts so that you can select which single flipchart shall be fitted into which position
  • with the flipcharts of our three sets in the correct position and with correct size as example of a ready-to-use workshop template

Three sets of each five single virtual flipcharts with the following topics:

  • Ice breaker
  • Team communication
  • Team collaboration
  • Team motivation
  • Fun & Team spirit

Improve your team work now with these Virtual Team BuildingTemplates!